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About the Informatics Core

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The Informatics Core applies its extensive expertise and experience in computational biology and bioinformatics to catalogue the data and metadata produced by the Experimental Teams and make them accessible to the rest of the MaHPIC team, and scientists worldwide. The MaHPIC was designed to produce unprecedented combinations and amounts of data and metadata on host-pathogen interactions during the course of malaria infections in non-human primates and humans. 

The Informatics Core leverages well-established bioinformatics resources, and develops new tools and methods for cataloging and managing all project data types to ensure that the MaHPIC team has the data necessary for the iterative development and testing of hypotheses.  To accomplish this, data is retrieved regularly from the Experimental Teams, stored, and standardized for dissemination.  To ensure standardization, the Informatics Core coordinates with all Experimental Teams to create, implement, and update results templates and standard operating procedures for results generation, transfer to UGA, and storage and dissemination via a data repository and relational database. 

The Informatics Core also maintains project documentation via a Content Management System and project portal, including a dashboard for the tracking of project samples and datasets.  As the MaHPIC publishes data, the Informatics Core deposits project results to appropriate public data repositories according to contract requirements.  



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