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Eberhard Voit, Ph.D.


Professor and GRA Eminent Scholar
David D. Flanagan Chair in Biological Systems
Georgia Institute of Technology

Role in MaHPIC

Director, Mathematical Modeling and Computational Analysis Team


Phone: 404-385-5057

Personal Statement

The goal of my part within the MaHPIC project is the development of analytical and computational methods for assessing host-parasite interactions in malaria. Specifically, my group will develop dynamical models that will integrate de novo data with information from the literature. Particular emphasis will be placed on computational metabolomics. My lab is well prepared for this activity. Throughout my career I have been heavily engaged in research and teaching within the field of biomedical systems analysis, with particular emphasis on pathway systems. In addition to about 240 articles and chapters, I have authored, co-authored, and edited four books on the subject of biological systems. I am considered one of the leading experts in biochemical systems theory, a computational framework initially designed for biochemical and gene regulatory systems, which by now has also found numerous applications in other areas of biology and medicine. I have held several positions requiring academic leadership, including the directorship of an interdisciplinary program in environmental studies and health risk assessment, which included faculty from two institutions and over a dozen departments. Over the past five years, I have been spearheading the effort of creating and sustaining a new academic entity within Georgia Tech, the Integrative BioSystems Institute, whose overriding goal is multi- and trans-disciplinary research in biomedical systems analysis. I have secondary appointments in Georgia Tech’s Schools of Biology and of Computational Science and Engineering and am a member of the faculty in Emory’s School of Medicine.