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Mark Styczynski, Ph.D.


Associate Professor, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Role in MaHPIC

Deputy Director, Mathematical Modeling and Computational Analysis Team


Phone: 404-894-2825

Personal Statement

I am an associate professor in the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech.  My research group at Georgia Tech is devoted to understanding the dynamics, regulation, and roles of metabolism in unicellular and mammalian species. My group uses extensive computational modeling and machine learning techniques for the interpretation and analysis of our experimental metabolomics studies.  I have ten years of experience in computational biology using bioinformatics, pattern discovery, and machine learning - all skills I will leverage in my role in the MaHPIC project as deputy director of the Mathematical Modeling and Computational Analysis Core. My main goal in the MaHPIC project is the assimilation and mining of the diverse high-throughput datasets being generated by all of the experimental cores: that is, developing “integrative systems biology” strategies so that we can gain a deeper understanding of host-pathogen interactions in malaria. We will develop new algorithms and harness existing approaches to connect the different layers of biological information, create graphical models representing the observed data, and infer biological relevance and meaning from the results of our measurements and models. These efforts will in turn help to inform more detailed mechanistic models as well as subsequent rounds of iterative systems biology experiments.