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Jan Pohl, Ph.D.


Chief, Biotechnology Core Facility Branch
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Role in MaHPIC

Investigator, Collaborator, Proteomics Team


Phone: 404-639-1631

Personal Statement

In addition to my experience with protein chemistry I specialize in the identification of the unknowns. I have specific training and experience in separation sciences, a field necessary to purify enough of the unknowns (proteins, peptides) to properly identify the covalent structure. Thus, my role will be principally to direct the Proteomics Core and to provide consultation on protein/peptide separations and proteomic identifications and quantifications. Additionally, I have specific training and over 20 years of practice in peptide synthesis and design and expect to collaborate on some aspects within the scope of my position as Chief of the Biotechnology Core Facility Branch at the CDC.