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Dean Jones, Ph.D.


Professor, Medicine
Professor, Biochemistry
Director, Clinical Biomarkers Lab
Emory University

Role in MaHPIC

Director, Metabolomics Team


Phone: 404-727-5970

Personal Statement

This project applies new high-resolution metabolic profiling capabilities that I developed in collaboration with Tianwei Yu, to develop new strategies for fighting malaria. I am trained in medical biochemistry and have several years of experience in predictive health and personalized medicine research. Additionally, I have an extensive research career in physiological chemistry and metabolism, including clinical research and established collaborations in primate research and infectious disease.  I have an active independent NIH-funded research program in redox biology and clinical metabolomics. I regularly participate in national and international meetings and have been active in both theoretical and practical development of new approaches to use high-resolution mass spectrometry and systems biology in predicting risk and improving therapeutics on personalized medicine.