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Regina Joice Cordy, Ph.D.

Regina Joice


Research Associate, Malaria and Metabolomics Teams
Emory University

Role in MaHPIC




Personal Statement

Dr. Cordy is an expert in malaria pathogenesis and infectious disease transmission biology, and has experience in microbial metagenomics and mathmatical modeling.  She also has experience conducting molecular biology and histology studies using human samples from malaria patients. She works closely with the MaHPIC metabolomics team with a focus on metabolite biomarker discovery, and also with the MaHPIC malaria team where she plays a critical role in Plasmodium-infected NHP sample processing, development of molecular and cellular strategies and analysis.  Further, she has an integral role in coordinating between MaHPIC's international collaborators, core facilities, and local investigators to perform metabolomics studies using human plasma.  Lastly, she is exploring the gut microbiota in the context of malaria infection and aims to understand the interaction between plasma metabolites, gut microbes and malaria disease severity.  Her publications can be found here: