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Mary R. Galinski, Ph.D.


Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Global Health
Faculty at  Emory Vaccine Center,
Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Director, International Center for Malaria Research Education & Development
Emory University

Role in MaHPIC

Program Director

Phone: 770-891-1604

Personal Statement

I have over 25 years of experience studying malaria parasites from different experimental vantage points, with the most recent years invested as a Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Global Health at Emory University.  Prior to joining Emory in 1988, I conducted malaria research as a student and member of the faculty at New York University Medical Center in the Department of Medical and Molecular Parasitology.  I’ve built the malaria research team at Emory University, with affiliations that include the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory Vaccine Center and the Emory Institute for Drug Discovery. I have a longstanding interest in the bigger picture from a scientific and advocacy perspective, which also lead me in 1992 to found the Malaria Foundation International.  In 2006 I co-founded the International Center of Malaria Research Education and Development (ICMRED) at Emory, MaHPIC in 2012, and ThoR's HAMMER in 2016. Together, these efforts support my main interests - to study malaria in-depth, help devise solutions, and inform and educate the public.  My interests span from basic malaria research and epidemiology, to the development of vaccines and drugs to prevent or treat malaria. Relevant to MaHPIC, I am especially interested in how Plasmodium parasites invade, remodel and thrive within host cells, and cause disease.