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Jeremy DeBarry, PhD

Jeremy DeBarry


Data Coordinator
University of Georgia

Role in MaHPIC

Data Coordinator



Phone: 706-542-1447

Personal Statement

I am excited to have rejoined the project, after a two-year absence, as the MaHPIC Data Coordinator.  My background is in computational biology, genome evolution, project management, data management, and national cyberinfrastructure to support life science researchers.  I work to foster efficient exchange of information and results between MaHPIC teams, and to ensure the timely deposition of project results to public repositories.  I also act as liaison between the biologists and database programmers on the project to develop the tools needed to effectively manage the project results, and work staff at UGA to oversee the day-to-day maintenance and operation of project hardware and software.  My research focuses on using computational tools to test hypotheses about how genomes change to adapt to new environments and exploit new niches, and to understand the consequences of those changes.  I am particularly interested in how malaria parasites have evolved to cause disease, and how we can exploit that information to inhibit their ability to infect humans.