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Gregory Gibson, PhD


Professor and Director, Center for Integrative Genomics
Georgia Institute of Technology

Role in MaHPIC

Director, Functional Genomics Core


Phone: 404-385-2343

Personal Statement

I am Professor of Biology and Director of a new Center for Integrative Genomics at Georgia Tech. My group conducts systems genomics research, building on 15 years of quantitative genetic research in Drosophila, but now with a focus on human genomics. We are primarily interested in the interaction between genotype and environment and the joint influences of these sources of variation on disease susceptibility and the evolution of disease. As a member of the Emory-GA Tech Predictive Health Initiative, we are pursuing genome-wide genetics of gene expression (GOGE) and genetics of metabolism studies of various cohorts in the Atlanta area. We are using next-generation sequencing approaches to study the regulation of gene expression, alternative splicing, and allele-specificity of transcription in the context of cardiac and metabolic disease, and I pediatric cohorts with cystic fibrosis, and infectious disease. My laboratory combines wet lab assays with statistical genetic and bioinformatics research,  Integrating transcriptomic studies of host and microbes/pathogens, with metabolomics and clinical profiles. I serve as Section Editor for Natural Variation & Gene Expression for PLoS Genetics, and am a Fellow of the AAAS.