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Mary Galinski UGA talk photo

Date: June 26, 2017

Event: 6th International Conference on Plasmodium Vivax Research in June, Manaus, Brazil.

Details:  MaHPIC team members traveled to the 6th International Conference on Plasmodium Vivax Research in Manaus, Brazil June 11-14, 2017.  The MaHPIC team represented strong leaders in P.vivax research, and in fact Dr. Galinski was the Vice President of this meeting's Scientific Organization Committee.  She was also a pre-meeting course leader along with Dr. Jessica Kissinger.  Dr. Kissinger was the systems biology session chair.  Dr. Mark Styczynski was an invited speaker in the session.  Travel awards were received by Dave Anderson, Luiz Gardinassi, Chester Joyner, Mariko Peterson, and Elizabeth Trippe all of who had formal presentations at the conference.  Investigators from around the world participated and sharing progress on P. vivax research as well as P. cynomolgi, MaHPIC's simian malaria model species for P. vivax.  Our Brazilian collaborators hosted this conference with the strong leadership of Dr. Marcus Lacerda, and MaHPIC's other collaborators who have been providing human samples from around the world presented for Colombia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea.  

Date:  May 7-10, 2017

Event:  Systems Biology Annual Programmatic Meeting in May, Chicago, IL.

Details:  Investigators attended the NIAID Systems Biology of Infectious Diseases Annual Programmatic Meeting in Chicago, IL on May 7-10, 2017.  Eleven team investigators and staff represented MaHPIC at this meeting with formal presentations and breakout groups with other systems biology groups across the program.  

Date:  February 20, 2017

Event:  Public Release of Project Results.

Details: The MaHPIC is dedicated to the release of project results to promote discoverability, reuse, and the generation of novel hypotheses.  Experiment results are released concomitant with project publications in a timely manner according to contract requirements.  Results from each experiment and data type are released to appropriate public repositories.  MaHPIC is partnered with the PlasmoDB database, a project of the Eukaryotic Pathogen Database Project (EuPathDB), developed, in part, by Jessica Kissinger of the MaHPIC for the release of data to the public.  A description of MaHPIC experiments with publicly released data, and links to datasets organized by data type can be found on our Public Data Releases page.  Additional experiments and datasets will be added as they are released. 

Date: December 9, 2016

Event:  Emory Magazine recently released an article by Mary Galinski "Malaria Math: Using big data to study malarial resistance".

Details:  Even after decades of scientific inquiry and medical advances, malaria remains a stubborn adversary for researchers.  Emory scientists are pursuing a novel approach that could lead to host-directed therapies for the disease-that is, interventions to help people already infected with malaria to function as normally as possible by strengthening their physiological response rather than targeting the parasite. 

Date: December 1-2, 2016

Event: MaHPIC investigators attend the 2nd Systems Biology Data & Modeling Working Group Meeting organized by NIAID in New York, NY.

Details:  Drs. Mary Galinski, Juan Gutierrez, Eberhard Voit, Luis Fonseca, Mark Styczynski, and Mr. Mustafa Nural attended this event to meet with other modeling and data dissemination working groups across the program.  By gathering the working group members together in person, this session will enable the detailed discussions needed to further develop the necessary data dissemination processes.

Date: November 11-17, 2016

Event:  65th American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Details:  Over 20 faculty, staff and students represented MaHPIC at this event to promote contract-generated materials and explore new possible collaborations at the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene.  This is the world's premiere gathering of tropical medicine and global health professionals representing academia, government, non-profits, philanthropy, NGOs, industry, military and private practice. The meeting is designed for researchers, professors, government and public health officials, military personnel, travel clinic physicians, practicing physicians in tropical medicine, students and all health care providers working in the fields of tropical medicine, hygiene and global health.  The MaHPIC leadership sees this meeting, especially while in Atlanta (the project’s home base), as an important opportunity for the team’s work to be highly represented and shared with the scientific community.

Date:  May 26, 2016

Event:  "DARPA $6.4M contract supports malaria research aimed at enhancing resilience".

Details:  Researchers at Emory University, the University of Georgia, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, along with national and international collaborators, will investigate the mechanisms behind "resilience" following malaria infection.  The investigators believe learning why malaria causes acute, potentially lethal disease in some humans and animals, while others are much more resilient or tolerant, could lead them to better intervention strategies for malaria and other diseases, including new and better drugs. 

The THoR's HAMMER project builds upon the scientific infrastructure of the Malaria Host-Pathogen Interaction Center (MaHPIC), a malaria systems biology partnership between Emory, UGA, Georgia Tech, and the CDC Foundation, established in 2012 with Federal funds from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHSN272201200031C.  Through its robust, multi-institutional research partnership and global collaborators, MaHPIC has used technological advances to conduct innovative systems biology research in non-human primates and applied mathematical modeling tools to integrate large, diverse datasets, including from human samples.  The MaHPIC and HAMMER team members will work collaboratively to further the distinct goals of both projects. 

Date: May 19-22, 2015
Details: Drs. Dean P. Jones, Dave Anderson, John Barnwell, Mary Galinski, Jessica Kissinger, and Mr. Chet Joyner presented talks.

Date: April 29, 2015

Event: Dr. Mary Galinski presented in the Distinguished Lecture Series at the Walter Reid Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring, MD. 

Date: April 23-24, 2015

Event: The Host Pathogen Working Group along with several members of NIAID met with the MaHPIC team for their annual review meeting, held at Yerkes Primate Center in Atlanta, GA. 
Details: The event features two days of scientific talks, also featuring a number of turbo talks from MaHPIC fellows and students.   

Date: April 19-22, 2015

Event:  MaHPIC investigators and students presented at the 19th Annual Woods Hole Immunoparasitology Meeting in Woods Hole, MA.

Details: Dr. Tracey Lamb and Mr. Chet Joyner presented. Chet Joyner received a Travel Award!

Date: February 22-25, 2015

Event:  MaHPIC investigators presented at the Systems Biology Programmatic Meeting organized by NIAID in Seattle, WA. 

Details:  Drs. Mary Galinski, Jessica Kissinger, Alberto Moreno, Greg Gibson, Mark Styczynski and Regina Joice presented.

Date: November 2-6, 2014

Event:  MaHPIC investigators and fellows presented at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygeine (ASTMH) meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Date: October 16-18, 2014

Event:  Dr. Mary Galinski presented at the Association of Primate Veterinarians in San Antonio, TX.

Date: October 10, 2014

Event:  First data deposition done by the Informatics Core.

Details:  Transcriptomics data was released from Lee et al. Front Cell Dev Biol 2014 and the data can be accessed here.

Date: September 17-18, 2014

Event:  Dr. Mary Galinski spoke at the 5th Annual USA India Business Summit and 20th Annual Georgia Tech Global Business Forum.

Date: August 17-20, 2014

Event: Dr. Mark Styczynski presented at the Systems Biology of Infectious Diseases: Pathogenesis to Personalized Medicine conference in Seattle, WA.

Date: August 10-15, 2014
Event: Dr. Alberto Moreno presented at the International Congress of Parasitology, ICOPA XIII in Mexico City, Mexico.

Date: July 2014
Event: Release of the public MaHPIC project-tracking dashboard ( 
Details: The Informatics Core, led by Dr. Jessie Kissinger, developed and released a public project-tracking website available to the public for tracking the status of the MaHPIC experimental status.

Date: May 14, 2014
Event: Dr. Jessie Kissinger presented at the Center for Host-Pathogen Interactions at McGill University.

Date: April 28-29, 2014
Event: MaHPIC investigators presented at the DMID Systems Biology Program 1st Annual Meeting in Bethesda, MD. 
Details: Talks were given by Drs. Jessica Kissinger, Mark Styczynski, and Esmeralda Meyer. 

Date: Apr 7-10, 2014

Event: Current Topic Workshop: From Within Host Dynamics to the Epidemiology of Infectious Disease.

Details: Dr. Mary Galinski and Dr. Juan Gutierrez organized this 4.5 day workshop at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State University. Dr. Eberhard Voit was the keynote speaker, and several MaHPIC investigators gave presentations to a mixed audience of biologists and mathematicians with the goal of conveying the basics of what we do to both groups in a comprehensive yet accessible manner.

Date: March 18, 2014

Event: University of Georgia's 9th Annual Voices from the Vanguard lecture.

Details: Dr. Mary Galinski gave a lecture "Game On! Systems Biology vs. Malaria" during this event, held at the UGA Chapel in Athens, GA.  To learn more about it, see this UGA newspaper article "Emory Professor presents dangers, effects of malaria" featuring a summary and photo from the lecture.

Date: Feb 26-27, 2014

Event: Host Pathogen Working Group Meeting and NIAID Site Visit.

Details: MaHPIC investigators, NIAID officials, and the HPWG convened at the Emory Vaccine Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. The HPWG (comprised of fourteen subject matter experts from a range of relevant disciplines) will serve as an external scientific advisory board for the length of the contract.

Date: Feb 21-22, 2013

Event: Discussion of MaHPIC's global impact with Jan Snider from the United Methodist Church.

Details: Dr. Galinski met with producer Jan Snider from the United Methodist Church to discuss how MaHPIC may impact the global fight to end malaria, and she also participated along with MaHPIC investigators Drs. Kissinger, Jones, Styczynski, and Ibegbu in the filming of a documentary to support the UMC’s “Imagine No Malaria” project.

Date: Feb 15, 2013

Event: MaHPIC introduced at Emory to the School of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases.

Details: Dr. Galinski introduced MaHPIC at Emory to the School of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases in a seminar on Nov 29, 2012 and at the Emory Vaccine Center.

Date: January 30-31, 2013

Event: The annual NIAID Bioinformatic Resource Centers (BRC) meeting.

Details: Drs. Kissinger and Galinski attended the annual NIAID Bioinformatic Resource Centers (BRC) meeting and introduced MaHPIC.

Date: January 29, 2013

Event: Official launch of the MaHPIC website.

Details: The MaHPIC website was officially launched!  Read the press release.

Date: November 19, 2012

Event: NIH awards Georgia malaria research consortium up to $19.4 million contract.

Details:  The official announcement of the creation of MaHPIC! Read the press release.

Date: November 15-16, 2012

Event: MaHPIC hosts first meeting of its Scientific Consulting Group.

Details: This was the first meeting of the SCG, composed of internationally recognized malaria experts. The meeting was held at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and the Emory Vaccine Center at Emory University.

Date: September 12, 2012

Event: MaHPIC hosts Kick-Off meeting.

Details: The first meeting of MaHPIC investigators, staff, fellows, and students was held at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and the Emory Vaccine Center at Emory University.