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The MaHPIC Malaria Core performs all experimental infections of non-human primates. Read more »
Using a systems biology approach, the MaHPIC can unlock the secrets of malaria. Read more »
The MaHPIC is a multi-institutional project based at Emory University.  Read more »
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The MaHPIC uses state-of-the-art computational and analytic tools.  Read more »
The MaHPIC research program uses a multi-pronged approach to understanding malaria.   Read more »
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Welcome to the MaHPIC

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The MaHPIC team is pleased to maintain this website as a resource for the benefit of scientists, teachers, students, journalists and others interested in gaining a deeper understanding of systems biology and malaria. 
The MaHPIC was established with support from NIAID (NIH/DHHS) from 9/2012 through 9/2017.
The MaHPIC team has collaborated with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) since 3/2016. 

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